Charles Zhang:China Internet to the second knockout stage | Tech

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September 24 , 2010 11:00:06 AM utc+8

There was an announcement in Sept.20 that Inc.was to business Reengineer for 0 million,the Chairman Charles Zhang said.


"The revenue of is 0 million,and now we have 0 million in cash on the account,that is enough  for us to fight this battle. ",

he said.


6 billion will be invested in media, video, vertical sites, such as some auto industry, real estate, gaming sites,Zhang said.


He is most concerned about video and search operations.


When most people are looking forward to a bright future prospects of the Internet,Zhang is aware of the keen China internet competition into the second phase.Those people who experienced the Internet bubble in 10000 will clearly remember that tragic history, but this time, Zhang believes that competition will become more intense.